Bad news for the Peoria blogosphere

C.J. Summers has quit. The Peoria Chronicle is no more.

C.J. had been posting less and less frequently. His last blog post before this last was on October 11, nearly three months ago.

I know that a lot of his time was being taken up by his work, but also that workload would decrease once the Christmas season was over. I hoped that he would find time to start posting again.

But C.J. is not some guy who sits in front of his computer and just bleeds. He researches what he writes. THEN he bleeds. There was a period of time when he was simply churning out the BEST BLOG IN PEORIA.

I know he had become frustrated because it seems like no one was listening. I know i felt the same way, but then I knew that change is slow, and that no prophet is honored in his own homeland.

C.J. — we’ll have to go out to Whitey’s for a Diet Pepsi and a pizza soon.

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