Dangerous intersection known to those who live neaby

WMBD 31: Drivers Warn of Dangerous Intersection

It`s still not clear why Cristy Tindall`s squad car crashed into the utility pole.

However, drivers who take Northeast Adams, where the crash happened said it`s a dangerous road. It is a sharp curve with a posted speed limit of 35 miles an hour but according to many drivers few people obey the limit.

It’s a good story, albeit short as are all WMBD 31’s reports.

A commenter says that the Tindall and her trainee partner were racing to help another officer who needed help with someone who was arresting arrest in the 2700 block of North East Madison, about six blocks away.

I only hope that knucklehead feels some sense of responsibility for what happened.

I used to live blocks away, and I still drive down that road with some regularity. I never considered it particularly dangerous, but then, I’m not an officer racing to the scene of a crime.

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