You call that a gun? THIS is a gun!


SPRINGFIELD, MA (WSHM) – A man armed with a fake gun was unsuccessful in his attempt to rob the Walnut Convenience Store after the owner drew a real gun on Wednesday night.

Police were called to 108 Walnut St. about 10:20 p.m. after 20-year-old Fernell Pelzer stormed into the store and confronted the owner, Springfield police Sgt. John Delaney said.

“Don’t move,” Pelzer told the owner as he attempted to pistol whip him, according to Delaney.

A struggle subsequently ensued, but ended quickly when the store owner, who is also a licensed gun owner, pulled out his properly registered gun, Delaney said.

Pelzer attempted to flee the store once he lost control of the situation, but the owner had different ideas, Delaney said.

“The store owner called 911 and held the robber inside the store at gunpoint until the cavalry arrived,” Delaney said.

There was no shooting, so the would-be shooter survived., Alas.

Lock up your bicycles, Peorians

Here’s the deal. This really isn’t a secret.

A cop told a neighbor who had two bicycles stolen:

There’s a guy in Peoria who will pay kids $5 for every bicycle they steam. This guy then sells them then to a pawn shop, for substantially more, who then sells them for an even higher markup.

The cops can;t bust the kids when the cops make an obligatory stop at the kids homes, these are invariably staying at a friends house.



Dammit, Tillman

» Tillman out for season with triceps injury

The Chicago Bears plan to put starting cornerback Charles Tillman on the season-ending injured reserve list because of the right triceps injury he suffered in Sunday’s win over the San Francisco 49ers, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed.

Today on Peoria Undergrounder

Here are the articles:

The Journal Star wakes up, does some journalism, is still stupid, lazy and cheap

» Standoff on Virginia Avenue ends early Sunday

They posted this about 15 minutes after my previous post.

And BTW, it was EAST Virginia.

There. Was is THAT hard?

Here’s all the proof you need that the Journal Star is stupid, lazy and cheap

This is everything you need to know about the Journal Star.

There was an armed hold off last night in Peoria.

The Journal Star assigned a reporter to cover it.

I guess. There’s nothing in the coverage to suggest there was a real reporter at the scene. It could have been covered by phone. They DID send a reporter, who took a photograph of the house this guy is hiding in.

So you would thing the Journal Star not exactly where this house is. But in the story and the cutline, the location is only given as in the 600 block of Virginia. Now, this could mean the 600 block of WEST Virginia or the 600 block of EAST Virginia. These two addresses are about one mile from each other, one in the East Bluff and one in the West Bluff.

Now, I’ve been excoriating the Journal Star for this sort of directional stupidity almost as long as I’ve run this blog. A newspaper run by and for Peorians would not be ignorant of the fact that there are West and East streets in Peoria, or North and South as well as Northeast and Southwest streets in the valley.

But when your target audience are people who live in Dunlap, Washington, etc., it doesn’t really matter.

But look at the time stamp in this story. It’s given as 11:46 p.m. on Saturday. As I write this it’s 4:10 p.m. Sunday. That’s about 16 hours later. And the most up-to-date story on this breaking story on the Journal Star Website is about a man being holed up in a house and surrounded by armed police officers is a 16-hour-old story by a a reporter who apparently has gone home to enjoy a nice day off.

It’s Sunday. and GateHouse Media apparently isn’t going to pay any reporter to giver a breaking crime story on SUNDAY for heavens’s sake.

And that is everything you need to know about the so-called “Peoria” Journal Star: Stupid, lazy and cheap.


Recently on Peoria Undergrounder

From the radical left-wing publication:

See the ships that brought genocidal maniac Columbus to the Americas

That’s right Christopher Columbus, beloved of so many Catholics, was a genocidal mass murder who brought slavery, torture and rape to the New World. But we can see the ships that brought him here. Great fun.

No ‘Guns Save Lives’ stories today

At least, none that made the paper. Plenty of stories, though, of gun crimes being committed against the law-abiding disarmed, though.

More unanswered questions from the Journal Star

I read the Journal Star so you don’t have to:

» Fallen tree cleared from portion of southbound Adams Street

A fallen tree? Alert the media!

» Water main breaks on Willow Knolls 

An Illinois-American water main breaks. When are their water mains NOT breaking?

» Nathan Leuthold gets 80 years in prison for murdering wife

He’ll have a spouse in prison shortly.

» Judges order new sentencing on 2010 death

I’m sure Clyde Gulley will be pleased.

» Two more plead guilty in Zone 4 crackdown

I’m still waiting for a prosecutor ANYWHERE to explain how these are “Zone 4″ or “Don’t Shoot” prosecutions, especially since NONE of these asshats are facing extra years in prison for gang activity.