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Former PJS sportswriter Lonnie Schwindenhammer passes

From the PJS:

PEORIA – Former veteran Journal Star sports writer Lonnie Schwindenhammer died of an apparent heart attack Thursday morning. He was 53.

Schwindenhammer worked nearly 20 years for the Journal Star, covering mostly preps, though his byline also graced stories on the Peoria Chiefs, Peoria Speedway, the AMA Grand Nationals and area collegiate events. In recent years, he had been the beat reporter for large-school football and boys basketball, plus baseball.

He left his position in the newsroom last September, but continued to deliver the Journal Star to subscribers in the Bartonville area.


Our new Fearless Leader promises an ISIS free world

Really? He promised to end ISIS once and for all at his Inauguration.

How will he do that? I suppose by bombing any gathering of more than three Islamic families in Afghanistan, Iran and/or Iran. And when the press mention those pesky photos of dead children, he yell at them about being “fake news” and the supporters he’s planted in the press conference will cheer him on.

All the while, he’s up at the lectern, gesticulating wildly with those tiny hands of his, trying desperately to mask the size of his small penis.

Our Fearless Leader.

Midterms just two years away. New elections for president in four. If he hasn’t declared himself Fuhrer for life by then.

I’d be doing more than smashing windows

We’ve had our government stolen from us and replaced by one more palatable to the 1 percenters and the Russians. I think the protesters are using bad tactics, but i completely understand their anger. If I was 18 years old trying to find work in the coming toxic environment, I’d be doing more than breaking windows.

I’ve advocated this before: Hang the CEOs of the top 500 corporations from lamp posts.Then we might start seeing some changes.