Oh, lord … we cannot lose BOTH Spock and Han Solo in the same week

From TMZ:

A small plane piloted by Harrison Ford has crash-landed at an L.A. golf course … but we’re told the actor has survived.

TMZ has learned … Ford was piloting what appears to be a vintage 2-seater fighter plane Thursday … when something went wrong and he crashed into Penmar golf course in Venice, CA.

We’re told Ford suffered multiple gashes to his head and was bleeding. Two doctors who happened to be at the golf course rushed over to treat the actor.

Charlotte McKinney’s bikini brings more eye candy


Click to enlarge.

Seriously, four of the last five photos I have uploaded have been “eye candy.” I think I have a problem. Anyway, the lovely Charlotte McKinney made an appearance on some cable show I do not watch. And I don’t eat at Hardees, the restaurant she recently did those commercials for. I do not care. because she’s still posing for eye candy.

GOP congress critters create bill to let ISPs throttle consumers and destroy competition

From Ars Technica:

US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) this week filed legislation she calls the “Internet Freedom Act” to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s new network neutrality rules.

The FCC’s neutrality rules prohibit Internet service providers from blocking or throttling Internet traffic, prohibit prioritization of traffic in exchange for payment, and require the ISPs to disclose network management practices.

These rules “shall have no force or effect, and the Commission may not reissue such rule in substantially the same form, or issue a new rule that is substantially the same as such rule, unless the reissued or new rule is specifically authorized by a law enacted after the date of the enactment of this Act,” the Internet Freedom Act states.

Obama veto, methinks.

This whole problem will go away once we have enough ISPs, and people can pick and choose to NOT do business with throttlers like Comcast.

New Jersey dictator forbids pesky citizen questions at city council meetings

From Philly.com:

The heated exchange between a proud mayor with a football career and an elderly resident who wanted to question town policies sorely needed a referee that bitter December night.

For four tense minutes, Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown drowned out Kenneth Mills, 81, after Mills asked about a tax abatement on a property and attempted to tell Brown to calm down. In a booming voice, Brown, the kicking coach for the Baltimore Ravens, told Mills that he had been overwhelmingly reelected in November and that “65 percent of the people who came out love what I do.” He barely addressed the tax abatement.

“You’re acting like a jerk,” Mills said as he sat down, sounding exasperated.

The following month, Brown made it clear that future council meetings would be different. Residents would not be permitted to question council members during public meetings, he said. Instead, they could “make comments only.”

The policy set off a firestorm in the town, at 46,000 citizens the largest in Burlington County, and sparked concern from government watchdog groups.

Well, it’s kinda of tricky here in Peoria. They don’t want the “citizens to address the council” to become a “quiz the council” session. But citizens who ask questions that require an answer of more than a few works will be directed to the appropriate department head.

I’ve never been treated rudely by a city employee (except for a parking cop or two) and I’ve never seen it happen to others. I’ve seen people who snort and mutter too loudly at council meetings be asked to leave.

But then, our mayor did have a guy arrested because his roommate was being disrespectful on Twitter.

WLS is getting ready to kick Rush Limbaugh in his huge, fat ass

Buh bye, Rushbo:

Rush Limbaugh, who’s been a fixture on WLS AM 890 for more than 25 years, is about to get the bum’s rush from the Cumulus Media news/talk station, sources said Wednesday.

If all goes as planned, Limbaugh’s syndicated talk show, which airs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, will be dropped by the end of March, according to insiders at WLS.

A Cumulus Media spokeswoman declined immediate comment. But a source familiar with the decision said it was based on the show’s diminished ratings and failure to generate advertising revenue for the station, adding: “It’s impossible to sell.”

With any luck at all, he’ll be off WMBD 1470 soon too.

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Brooke Burke in a bikini top because someone has to bring the eye candy


Click to enlarge

Seriousy, Brooke Burke is about ready to turn 44 this year nd she’s as hot as any young upstart pop princess. And she is today’s eye candy.

I read the Journal Star so you don’t have to

Thursday’s newsbytes:

101 Things that Play in Peoria: Big Al’s sign

Sorry. The “new” Big Al’s sign is non-iconic. The original Big Al’s sign that featured the visage of Al Capone is iconic.

Peoria Riverfront Museum brings ‘Silver Screen’ to Giant Screen

You know, I might actually pay to see Citizen Kane on the big screen.

Acclaimed Christian rock band Casting Crowns to perform April 24 in Peoria

Does this make KISS an acclaimed Jewish rock band?

Dining Out: Firehouse Subs packs plenty of heat

If the Journal Star is forced to do a story on a locally owned eatery, pick one operating out of a strip mall.

Aaron Schock demands pay hike for his personal photographer … yes, THAT photographer

You cannot make this stuff up. From Blue Nation Review:

After voting to freeze salaries for federal workers all the way through 2015 and opposing any minimum wage increases,Congressman Aaron Schock quietly gave huge pay raises and/or bonuses to most of the staff members in his taxpayer-funded office during the last three months of 2014, according to Congressional expenditure reports examined by Blue Nation Review.

This includes a jaw-dropping $18,000 payment to an intern, and a 40 percent pay raise to his full-time in-house photographer after just one month on the job.

  • Anthony DeThomas was a paid intern who started on August 7, 2014, earning approximately $1,000 a month. Then he became a “temporary employee” and was paid $18,000 from October through December. The former intern’s paycheck exceeded most of the members of Schock’s staff – even accounting for the big bonuses and pay raises they collected. Oddly, DeThomas was also paid or reimbursed $50 and $100 for “Utilities.

  • Jonathon Link, Schock’s full time personal photographer, started September 1 and was paid $4,166 for that month, which translates to an annual salary of about $50,000. In the final three months of the year, he was paid $17,500, which translates to an annual salary of about $70,000. In addition to his congressional salary, Link’s photography studio was paid more than $29,000 during the final three months of the year for “Web Dev Hst, Email and Rltd Serv.” Schock’s office also paid “Web Dev Hst, Email and Rltd Serv” through Fireside21—a company that charges just a few hundred dollars per month and actually specializes in web development, hosting, email, and related services for Congressional offices. Was Link double-dipping?

The media is still pushing the ‘Aaron Schock is unbeatable’ line of crap

From the National Journal:

Think Aaron Schock’s alleged spending problems will cause him real political problems back home? Think again.

Despite a string of allegations related to lavish spending and possible misuse of funds, the Illinois Republican looks likely to avoid a primary challenge thanks to a wall of support he has steadily built among local politicians by spreading around campaign cash.

Indeed, in his central Illinois district, where the GOP primary is the only election that matters, there’s little chatter about anyone looking to run against him.

“In the 18th District, his name is still golden,” said Katherine Coyle, chair of the Peoria County Republican Party. “We have candidates running for school board who still want his input.”

This article is bullcrap is so many ways.

The 18th District, yes, has voted Republican. But there are a HUGE number of other races within the 18th District that sway Democratic — the 92nd state house for one, the 46th state senate district for another. Throughout the 18th District, the Democratic Party is a large minority.

In 1982, Bob Michel came very, very close to getting beat by Democratic challenger Doug Stephens, and Michel didn’t have anywhere near the number of scandals around his neck as Schock. Michel was just stuck with defending the lousy Reagan economy.

The fact is: When the Democrat field a decent challenger to the Republican nominee, the results are kinda close. Democrats can and do win elections here. Ever hear of Bill Shadid, former sheriff, former state rep and former state senator? If Bill Shadid were to ever run against Aaron Schock, Schock just might as well retire.

Schock loves to spread the myth of his unbeatability. And the media loves to spread that myth, too. The public — consumers of this myth — will stay home.

Well, when a candidate gets hit, again and again by these scandals like Schock is, the loyal followers who normally turn out on election day tend to not show up … REGARDLESS of what the media says. And people backing the opponent? It tends to get fired up and go to the polls … REGARDLESS of what the media says.

There’s a reason we actually hold elections, REGARDLESS of what the media says.

The odds are 50-50 Schock gets relelected. Those dollar bill Shock has in his campaign chest — or in shoeboxes under his bed, for all I know — are not themselves actual votes. They are just a way for Schock to pay to have his message delivered, again and again. And if that message is drummed out by news of scandal after scandal, look for Lil Aaron to be looking for a new job

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