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It’s the story of my life:


Man beats up his girlfriend over texting

I read the Journal Star so you don’t have to

» Police: Man choked woman, ran over her foot with car

A Peoria man choked his girlfriend and ran over her foot with his car early Sunday after the two argued about how much she was texting, according to police.

This is wrong. The only people who should be beaten for texting are those people who DRIVE while texting.


» Back pay, OT pushes state government’s ‘$100,000 club’ to 7,800

Nearly 1,600 more state workers collected $100,000 or more from the state in 2013 than topped that figure just a year earlier.

Tell me again how these people are “public servants.” It’s more like “public masters.”


» Four years after fatal Peoria fire, trial about to begin

After four years of waiting, a Peoria County jury is expected this week to decide the fate of a Chicago man accused of setting a house fire that killed four people, including a 2-year-old boy.

On Wednesday, jury selection is expected to begin in the trial of Aunterrio Barney, 37. He was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated arson after the April 21, 2010, fire at 1212 N. University St. Youlandice Simmons, 24, and her sister, Brianna Simmons, 22, were killed in the fire along with 19-year-old Darresse Roddy. The son of Youlandice Simmons, 2-year-old Darryl Miller Jr., died the next day at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield.

Here’s the deal. I could go on about how justice delayed is justice denied. Truth is, this gentleman has been held in Peoria County Jail for four years. I spent 24 hours in that joint and I about went nuts. And any number of my holding cell cohorts would have been happy to end Mr. Barney’s life for him, had they been given the opportunity.

Tara Reid is trendy eye candy

Actresss Tara Reid is tending on Yahoo Search (which kinds tells you everything you need to know about what yahoo search is for). Basically, she said something kinds dumb about the scientific validity of sharknados. I will honor her vast scientific wisdom by running a photo:

Tara Reid is trendy eye candy with her boobs hanging out and everything


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! in Averyville

I read the Journal Star so you don’t have to.

» Faster_PussycatWomen say they were attacked in Peoria on July 19

Two women told police one of them was bitten and the other was hit with a two-by-four when a group attacked them July 19 in the North Valley.

Nothing in the report as to why it took a feel week for this report to appear in the police report. My guess is the police took their time to get in put in the bundle of daily police reports to cop reporter goes through daily.

BTW, the Journal Star used “North Valley” to describe a part of Peoria that real Peorians call “Averyville.”

» Woman reports Wednesday attack by females in North Valley

The woman told police was walking through the intersection of Northeast Madison Avenue and Park Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when three women reportedly ran up to her and struck her head with an unknown object. She fell down and saw the three females run away in an unknown direction.

BTW: This happened in Averyville.

It wasn’t exactly “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

» Change150 president Jim Powell taking his kids out of Peoria District 150

Jim Powell will remain as president of the citizens’ group that seeks to change Peoria’s public school system from the top down. But he and his wife, Stephanie, plan to send their two sons to Peoria Christian School for the coming school year.

Powell announced the decision earlier this month on Change150’s website in a post headlined “What I love about PSD 150.”

After a stressful year, he said his family must do what’s best for their kids. The stress includes an incident in which Stephanie Powell was barred from school property without an appointment after an encounter with District 150 Superintendent Grenita Lathan last December. The order was lifted later.

More broadly, the chaos at the top, Powell said, referring to Lathan’s leadership, particularly the constant turnover in principals, funnels to teachers and classrooms.

Really? They’re upset about principal turnover? The only time I paid any attention to who was principal at any public school I ever attended was when the teacher would send me to the office for swats.

All I know about the principal situation was that during the administration of Ken Hinton, the loyal opposition claimed that the principals and administrators were all entrenched minions of Ken Hinton and ought to be removed. Then Lathan came along, started removing principals and the battle cry became: “OMG! They are moving MY favorite principal! Stop them!”

I think this couple will last at Christian school parents for maybe a year or two before they yank their kids out for home tutoring.

Joan Rivers has got it just about right

Joan Rivers can ramble a bit because she, well, is getting up there. But she’s pretty much spot on when describing what’s going on in Israel and Gaza. All the bombing from Israel ends when the bombing from Gaza ends. The blockade ends when the folks in Gaza agree to stop killing Israelis and kicks Hamas out of government. We’re supposed to be supporting democracy over there. Fine. Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.


Peoria Police issue a press release naming a suspect, so that means means they know where the guy is and will pick him up at anytime

Press release:

The Peoria Police Department, Criminal Investigations Division, Violent Crime Unit, is requesting the public’s help in locating a male wanted for Attempted Murder, Agg Discharge of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, and Domestic Battery. At approximately 9:10 am, 07-26-14, Peoria Police were called to the 200 blk of W. Richmond Ave., Peoria, in regards to multiple shots being fired. Through responding officers and detectives’ investigation, the wanted shooter was identified as Robert D. Luckett, M/B, DOB/06-28-81, 6’ 04 and 210 pounds. Luckett is wanted for these crimes. This investigation continues.

If you see Robert D. Luckett, please call 911. Do not approach him, as he is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information on this case, or any other investigation, call the Peoria Police Dept at 673-4521, or Crimestoppers at 673-9000.

I received this email from the Peoria Police at 1;40 p.m. That usually means there will be an arrest within the next couple of hours, if he’s not arrested already.

They didn’t supply a photo. Why bother.


Randy is blogging again

emertRandall Emert has restarted Peoria Anti-Pundit. Why he still calls his blog that, I don’t know. I agree mostly with what he’s writing, including this first post. Anyway, I decline to pull an Ardis: Freak out and demand the Peoria Police raid his house. Anyway, I still have Peoria Anti-Anti-Pundit up.

Cubs fans: Feel free to double down on the hatred toward the Cardinals after they acquire A.J. Pierzynski

Chicago Cubs' Michael Barrett, right, punches Chicago White

I love this photo. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This photo is what happened when former Cub Michael Barrett demonstrated he was a better man.

I will say this: If Pierzynski comes up to bat with two outs in the late innings and the game isn’t tight … I fully expect any Cubs pitcher to throw at his head.

THIS is what’s wrong with paid obituaries like those the Journal Star runs

When I was in Mike Foster’s basic journalism class at Illinois Central College, we learned that for most people, the obituary is probably the only time you make the paper. That’s why accuracy was important. And that’s why when someone notorious dies, there’s always going to be a graph of two telling folks what they did to make them notorious.

But the journal star runs PAID obituaries now. Everyone gets a taste now, and the survivors have the right to demand control over the content. As expected, much white washing ensues.

Take a look at this tale of woe from Abany, NY:

Father Robert Purcell (aka “Father Bob”) was removed from ministry by the Albany Diocese three years ago, but that wasn’t mentioned in the glowing death notices published in New York state newspapers. “This was a paid obituary,” Glens Falls Post Star editor Ken Tingley tells me. “Editorial employees have no control over the content in those obits. They are not reviewed by us or edited by us.” Albany Diocese spokesman Ken Goldfarb says the Purcell tributes “disturbed us deeply, primarily out of empathy and concern for persons who may have suffered as a result of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy.” He tells me that at least four papers ran the Purcell tribute.

When I kick the bucket, I want my obituary to mention that I was a blogger. And I insist that it includes this blog’s full URL. If they spell it wrong, I will come back and haunt their asses.

Holy crap! EIGHT stories on PJStar’s front page are Peoria-based

At least that’s how it looks right now at 10:51 p.m. Friday. Give it a couple of hours, and I’m sure they will f*ck it up with wire stories that I can get anywhere. Here are two that I found especially interesting.

» City attorney both team player and umpire

Don Leist has spent more of his career working in Chicago’s collar counties. I’m sure he’s well versed in the sleazy politics of the collar counties. He’s go far in Peoria. he might even teach the rubes here in P-town a few rules about how the game is played.

» District 150′s first chief legal officer gets down to business

District 150 is too stupid to realize that the way to avoid lawsuits over Freedom of Information Act requests is to just simply turn over the documents people ask for. And because they are too stupid to realize this, they hired THIS guy. For $150,000 a year. Here’s a clue: Do not require every f*cking FOIA request be reviewed by an attorney.