Kiss. My. Nuts.


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THIS is what you see when you click on my PayPal donate button


See how ridiculously easy it is. I admit, the site was pretty difficult to negotiate through in the past. But not now. It’s so easy a caveman could do it.*

So, I don’t wanna hear about how hard it is. If you don’t want to donate, say so. Don’t blame the site.



That’s RACIST.


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Thieves steal wedding dresses

 Someone broke into a storage shed at DeJure Formal Wear, 3204 N. University, and stole $16,00 worth of wedding dresses and shoes and an additional $15,000 in lighting. Then the thief of someone who knows him or her tried to sell it in the street.

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Fat lotta good those dogs did her

 A woman got a call from animal control that her dogs were running around outside her home in the 2100 block of North Central. She is positive the digs were inside her home when she left. She returned to her home to find the doors open and her flat screen television worth $800 was missing.

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Clothes horse busted for retail theft at the mall

 An 18-year-old woman was arrested Thursday and charged with the theft of $1,073.98 worth of clothing from JC Penny at Northwoods Mall. That’s like, what? Two pairs of pants and a bra? We’re talking mall prices here.

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Caterpillar Web site among those hit by massive outage today

An excerpt from Crain’s:

(Reuters)—Cyber attacks today disrupted service on major websites such as Twitter, PayPal and Spotify, as well as service on some Chicago companies’ sites.

The city of Chicago’s website and the Illinois Secretary of State’s website both appear to be working.

The attacks were the latest in an increasingly menacing string of distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks disrupting internet sites by overwhelming servers with web traffic.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attacks, which targeted the internet infrastructure provider Dyn. Gillian Christensen of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the agency was “investigating all potential causes.”

The article listed Caterpillar as a Chicago area business th lose its site during the attack.

CLICK HERE to read the whole story.

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I think I’m over my funk now

Got a good night’s sleep and I got some work done on my blog. Oh, and my leg is feeling much better.

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Even if Trump loses, he could win

An excerpt from AlterNet:

trump_flicker_face_yessFamed journalist Carl Bernstein signed on to rumors that Donald Trump is planning on launching a media empire of his own should he lose the November election, adding he fears “a real neo-fascist movement and media empire.”

“I think the most interesting thing going on right now is Trump saying that he may not go along with the results of this election,” Bernstein said in an interview with CNN Thursday. “What does it really mean? It means, I think, he is setting himself up—again, I’m going to go back to that neo-fascist term—of a real neo-fascist movement and media empire.”

Rumors began circling earlier this year that Trump is looking to cash in on his high-profile White House bid by launching his own media network. Trump has railed against the “mainstream media” throughout the entire election, most recently claiming the major outlets are helping to “rig” the election for Hillary Clinton. He has even expressed displeasure with Fox News, which has given him fawning coverage for years.

C LICK HERE to read the complete article.

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