So, how would YOU survive the zombie apocalypse?

The season finale of The Walking Dead is tonight. I did not watch the first few seasons. I was put off by all the flesh-eating. But it grows on you. Now, I wouldn’t miss an episode.

So, how would you survive? Frankly, I would not want to survive, unless there is some hope of civilization surviving.

So, I am going on the assumption that the zombies would win a lot in the first few months, but that the forces of the living would rebound rather quickly. But preparation is necessary until civilization is restored

I would store food by putting rice, beans, etc. in empty water or soda bottles, and then storing the bottles in sealed non-biodegradable garbage bags and then keep the bags in metal or wooden boxes away from public viewing.

Buy the materials necessary to make your own cinder-lock biomass stove.

It’s always good to have seven or eight gallons of good drinking water stored away. But you have to have a good way to secure new drinking water. My suggestion. to keep the roof of your home clean and secure run-off rain water, then filter or boil it for human consumption.

I would keep a lot of bleach handy. Cause regular blood splatters are bad enough, but zombie blood splatter has got to be worse. And i am willing to bet that both types of blood splatters will carry disease.

A few words about guns. Who wins a gun fight, pacifist you or your hungry neighbor with a handgun? Not ony should YOU be armed, but your trusted family members and trusted neighbors should also be armed.

And be warned. Having a reliable supply of canned goods can get you marked as the hated rich should the shit his the fan. Dispose of your empties carefully.

Anyway, I could go on and on.

And this advice holds for a vampire apocalypse, a werewolf apocalypse, an Ebola apocalypse, an invaders from Mars apocalypse, a tsunami apocalypse and Earthquake apocalypse, whatever …


Payments made and I am flush with cash

Well, not flush. But I was able to buy some blank CD-Rs I needed. And a Diet Coke. Now I am chillin’ in my living room, listening to some blues doing some routine PC maintenance.

Any reader who is in the mood to be generous, I am still accepting donations. ;-)

I am broke as a joke

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I read the Journal Star so you don’t have to

Sunday’s newsbytes:

101 Things that Play in Peoria: Things at Jimmy’s Bar

Jimmy’s is a popular bar. It’s popular with Bradley students, cops and firefighters. It’s nothing special as bars go. Yet, it’s singled out for recognition by the Journal Star. Yay. BTW, they need better lighting on Route 8 so drivers can better see the drinks as they stagger out of the bar.

Man robbed, beaten while inspecting tire on Peoria street

Man says woman threatened him with Taser

Consider yourself lucky you didn;t wake up alog in a hotel room bathtub filled with ice and one of your kidneys missing.

Peoria mobile veterinarian clinic makes house calls for pets in need

Luciano: Thomas Lilly, 92, hopes his efforts to earn a GED inspire young dropouts

Some Bradley University residence hall eye candy


You don’t see many residence hall girls like this at Starbucks, which with all the bulky sweaters, Ugg boots and yoga pants.

Luddites need not apply

Were I the managing editor of any newspaper of any size, I would refuse to hire any would-be applicant who did not have a blog for at least two years.  It’s 2015, and any reporter who does not have the experience or skill in communicating directly with readers without a filter in the form of an editor is of absolutely no use no me. Social media alone just does not cut it.

I meant every word I said when I wrote that I hoped the Journal Star dies in a fire

I was deathly serious.

It would be the best thing for Peoria.

This city needs a good, strong newspaper that cares about the citizens.

This newspaper is NOT the Peoria Journal Star.

It shuffles along, like an extra on The Walking Dead, refusing to die. The bulk of the profits are sent out of town to buy new yachts for management. Some of it goes to buying the salaries of local editors and reporters … who earn their money by NOT adequately reporting on the news in Peoria.

There are other publications in Peoria that exist right now that are poised to take over, run by people who care about news but lack the advertising revenue.

There is Joe Faber’s online entity, the Peoria Morning Sun. There is The Community Word. There is also … whatever newspaper some enterprising entrepreneur wants to create to replace the Journal Star.

The point is hat journalism is not going to die in Peoria without the Journal Star. And the Journal Star’s eventual replacement will be stronger, smarter, leaner and meaner.

Maybe this new entity will hire the Journal Star’s complacent current reporters (God knows why). But that’s hardly the point. The point is quality journalism, not lard-assed counting-the-days-till-retirement journalism.



Despite the many, many similarities, there is a way to figure out the difference between Aaron Schock and Abraham Lincoln

Courtesy of the Daily Beast. A sample:

Schock: Asshat

Lincoln: Top hat

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