Does the Bradly Scout censor itself on the Web?

I kinda thinking they might. I read this story about an unnamed Bradley student who was busted for watching pornography with his penis out in the open. And the story was not then on the Scout Website. Well, many other issues have been published, and this particular story never appeared in the site, which would have allowed numerous other publications to link to the story and make fun of chronic B.U. student masturbation.

I’m sure it’s just a fortunate coincidence.

AMAZING that I didn’t see any photo like this in the mainstream media


Via Peoria Public Radio.

It goes without saying that the Pekin Times didn’t run a photo of Pekin Times employees protesting low wages. But nothing ran in the Peoria Journal Star (also owned by Gatehouse) or any other GateHouse Media publication. Nor were there any stories on WEEK/WHOI or WMBD-31.  Must have been a busy news day.

Another homeowner ruthless shoots home invaders — will the ammosexual madness never end!

Another ruthless gun maniac lies in wait for innocent home invaders … IN HIS OWN HOME!

“The first call was I’ve got two females at my door, banging on the door,” said Harris County Constable Pct. 4 Lt. Walter Stensland.

A couple of minutes later came the call that the would-be burglars were in his home, and that he had a shotgun loaded with buckshot ammo.

The next sound neighbors heard was at least three blasts from a 20-gauge shotgun used to kill deer.

“You lose all of your personal rights, when you decide to do something like that,” said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Deputies found two women– one 17 years old and the other in her mid-20’s — both shot in the torso. The older suspect was still in the house, while the teen ran into the street and collapsed.

Luckily, the home invaders survived.

Stupid ammosexual homeowner SHOULD have patiently waited for the police to arrive. Because when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

Another poor, innocent strong-armed robber is ruthlessly shot down by elderly husband of his victim

Oh, woe! Another poor, innocent robber:

Around 7:20 p.m. on Oct. 28, police were called to the Aldi Grocery Store at 3128 Forest Lane. While a husband and wife were leaving the store, a 36-year-old man approached them and grabbed a necklace off the woman’s neck.

Police say the suspect then reportedly knocked the woman to the ground and attempted to rob her. The woman’s husband pulled out his concealed handgun and fired several shots, hitting the suspect as he was trying to get away in a vehicle.

And the poor, innocent robber died from his wounds. My heart is bleeding!

The Community Word is on the air!

Woo hoo! Peoria’s only locally-owned general interest newspaper has been published and is available at newsstands. Here are links to this months action-packed issue:

The ‘Free Press’ is a myth — except for citizen journalism, which the mainstreamers haven’t yet figured out how to control

The Movie That Completely Exposes the Myth of the ‘Free Press’

When Webb, writing in a 1996 series in the San Jose Mercury News, exposed the Central Intelligence Agency’s complicity in smuggling tons of cocaine for sale into the United States to fund the CIA-backed Contra rebels in Nicaragua, the press turned him into a journalistic leper. And over the generations there is a long list of journalistic lepers, from Ida B. Wells to I.F. Stone to Julian Assange.

The attacks against Webb have been renewed in publications such as The Washington Post since the release of the film earlier this month. These attacks are an act of self-justification. They are an attempt by the mass media to mask the collaboration between themselves and the power elite. The mass media, like the rest of the liberal establishment, seek to wrap themselves in the moral veneer of the fearless pursuit of truth and justice. But to maintain this myth they have to destroy the credibility of journalists such as Webb and Assange who shine a light on the sinister and murderous inner workings of empire, who care more about truth than news.

Here in Peoria, you hear tales of how Caterpillar or Aaron Schock has called up the top editors at the Journal Star and bullied them into firing or reassigning reporters who cover stories they don’t like.

I wonder who Caterpillar could call to get The Peoria Pundit to pull a story?

There’s my hosting service, but I rather doubt Hostgator gives a flying rat’s ass what Caterpillar or Aaron Schock have to say. Besides, I own the databases and can move my site in about 24 hours. Comcast could, I suppose, throttle my site, but that hardly blocks people who access it through other ISPs. And I link to my articles through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, so word would get out.

If all else fails, I can publish stuff in the Community Word.


This blog and Ebola

More people have donated money to The Blog Peoria Project than have contracted Ebola in the United States. Think about it.

Leave Aaron Schock alone

More questionable journalism:

Earlier this year, the New York Times published a story about the public outing of an anti-gay Republican without ever mentioning in print that it was Representative Aaron Schock of Illinois. Today, the Paper of Record is back with a hilariously coy follow-up, “Aaron Schock and His Popular Instagram Persona,” about what a “stud” he is and how much men on the internet happen to love him. (Previous Times coverage of Schock includes“Shirtless Schock on Cover of Men’s Health and “A Congressman’s Abs Garner Yeas.”) The joke is largely between the lines.

The Times reports that Schock’s life “looks pretty sweet,” citing his social media presence, which features copious photos of the congressman shirtless. “And there are plenty of shots of him doing official work,” the paper adds, “like marching in a parade (‘I like the Lacoste yellow!’ commented one fan. ‘#yum’ wrote another.)” Both, it is not noted, were left by men.

And exactly how is ANY man supposed to make any statement refuting this sort of smirking, giggling accusation? Write a letter to the editor denying he is gay? ‘Yeah, right.’ will be the reply, followed by more smirking comments.

Schock could get married, father six kids, get busted nuzzling some stripper’s busom … none of which will stop the rumors.

I an 51 years old and unmarried. How are you to know that all the eye candy posts I make are not simply a front?

My advice: Leave the guy alone. I’m more repulsed by his right wing voting record than I am over the idea he’s in bed with some dude. Give it a rest.


Actually, a vote for Chad Grimm is a vote for Chad Grimm

Rauner is sending this scary campaign literature to some voters:


This is, of course, complete bullshit. It’s based on the assumption that only Republicans or Democrats have the right to receive votes during a general election. If you happen to be a Libertarian, you have no right to vote for a Libertarian. You should have the right to vote for a Libertarian if you choose.

Frankly, if all I wanted to do was screw over Bruce Rauner, I’d vote for Pat Quinn directly. Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve voting for Greens and Libertarians everywhere else.

The Democrats aren’t exactly covered in glory on this either. They managed to keep the Green Party off the ballot, so you’ll have to write in Scott Summers for governor if you have Green tendencies.

I may have to rescind my Quinn endorsement

So, Illinois is among the states that will lock up for 21 days the doctors and nurses who have the gall to treat Ebola patients, regardless of the fact that they have no Ebola symptoms, and there is no medical evidence whatsoever that they can infect anyone. I won’t call it a quarantine because legitimate quarantines are done to protect the public’s health.

This can’t stand. I’m backing Quinn because he’s the adult in the governor’s race. I may to rescind my endorsement.