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City needs to pay workers to remove snow from sidewalks

I posted a new blog post at It is truly an Earth shattering and epic post.


A good working rule for journalists

Never commit to a story for your boss until it’s close to completion. That way, you won’t get their hopes up for a story from you, and then you stay home to watch Days of Our Lives.

We will drink your milkshake

I had a conversation with another dude who went online to compete with the mainstream media organization that fired him. They are getting smaller numbers, but with little to no overhead, they are eating away of the MSM media numbers in a bug way. In other words, they are drinking the MSM’s milkshake.

We had a big laugh.

I cannot image newspapers or radio stations or TV stations existing 50 years from now. Who the HELL wants to own a printing press  or a broadcast tower? Just a money pit. Not me. I hit the “publish” button on my blog and I’m published, theoretically, to every single Internet connected computer in the world.

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Commuting kills

Grom Wordfence:

Moving people from home to work is surprisingly expensive in many ways. The average commute time by car in the United States is about 25 minutes each way. The average commute time by other means is also just over 25 minutes each way. [Source: US Census Bureau and data from] The average number of work days per year is 261. [Source:]

This gives us a total time spent commuting by car (or other means) per year of 217.5 hours, or 9 days. That’s 9 days (without sleeping) per year of your life you spend in a car, train, bus or other means of getting to work. That assumes you’re the average and not stuck on the I405 in California for 4 hours per day. I worked with a friend who had that commute.

If “sitting is the new smoking” [Source: Mayo Clinic and Dr James Levine], a phrase coined by Dr James Levine which has gained a groundswell of support of late, spending 9 waking days sitting in a car and pushing pedals, or on a bus or train per year has a profoundly detrimental impact on our health.

Save Democracy? I’m sorry, but all Lessig offers is more of the same crap

Larry Lessig is going to run for president:

WASHINGTON — Larry Lessig, a well-known legal theorist and political activist, is taking the plunge into electoral politics, announcing on Tuesday that he will formally explore a run for the presidency in 2016 as a Democrat.

Lessig, a Harvard law professor, will be a distinctly unconventional White House aspirant. In an interview, he said he will run on a singular platform: the Citizen Equality Act, which includes campaign finance reform, an end to partisan gerrymandering, and a vast expansion of voting access that would make Election Day a national holiday. Should he win and lead the passage of that agenda, Lessig said he’ll promptly quit, handing the office to his vice president, whoever that may be.

“This is not a ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ campaign,” Lessig said, referencing the infamous 2010 gubernatorial run of Jimmy McMillan in New York. “This is a campaign about how we need to intervene to make democracy possible again. Raising the salience of that issue is enormously important. I think there is more of a chance that we do more than just raise the salience. … It is a shot worth taking regardless of the criticism that will come.”

I’ve researched the Citizen Equality Act, and I see NOTHING about fair ballot access. You can make voting a right for 100 percent of the population and match campaign contributions dollar for dollar. But it’s not exactly free when voters are given toe freedom to vote for either the Republican or the Democrat. People are Green, Libertarian and all sorts of  other “isms.”

They need to be free to choose from a buffet that has more than two items.

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