Illinois Gov. Barack Obama … has a nice ring to it

It’s one sure fire way to guarantee that we’ll only have Bruce Rauner mucking up things for four years.

I imagine, Michael Madigan would still be causing problems, but Madigan can easily be handed with a strong leader in the Governor’s mansion.

Imagine … Obama a chief executive with BOTH houses of government controlled by Democrats.

Who’s better: Blagojevich or Rauner?

Today, I mean. Who is actually contributing more to Illinois TODAY. Blagojevich is no doubt scrubbing toilets or mopping floors in whatever prison he’s being held at. That is certainly a bigger contribution to the state of health of the state than Rauner is making, which colleges and universities are falling apart because the state won’t distribute the money the state continues to collect because Rauner refuses to sign a budget until all the unions are gutted.

I never thought I’d miss that giddy glory days when Blago was governor.

My problem with Hillary

This is what bugs me about Hillary Clinton.

It is a universal truth among Democrats that the millionaires have too much influence. Democrats everywhere hate the Koch brothers for dumping millions  into the coffers of Republicans, especially conservatives.

But Hillary would have us believe she took money for the speeches she gave Wall Street and it didn’t influence her in the least.

Not much Peoria news in Peoria’s newspaper of record

 Meh. / 


I’m voting for Bernie no matter what

I fully intend to cast my general election vote for Bernie Sanders. I do not care if Hillary Clinton steals the nomination (just like her machine stole every single one of those coin tosses last night).

No, I am NOT throwing my vote away. That only happens when you don’t get to vote for the person you think will do the best job. Hillary would only be marginally better, and her tenure no doubt marked by the same sorts of scandals that plagued Bill Clinton. Well, except for the lying about the blowjobs.