Jennifer Lawrence is kicking my ass … what with all the nude pics and all


In case you missed it, someone posted a bunch of nude pics (or fake nude pics) of a bunch of celebrities. Those naughty guys at 4Chan are acting up again.

So what’s why I have, as of right now, 3,804 hits today. I average between 600-800 hits (and it’s only 11 a.m.).

Most of those hits are going to It’s not like you or I would have a shot with Jennifer Lawrence anyway.

Alas, I do NOT have any nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence. If you’ve seen her as Mystique in any X-Men movie, you’ve seen her nude, albeit covered in blue body paint. Go search and knock yourself out.

The Community Word is on the air!

We have a new owner and a new attitude! And I’ve got the most recent issue posted a DAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

CoCo says ‘hi’

Not safe for work:

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Things about Billy D you may not have known

When I am writing on deadline, you need to shut the Hell up and stay out of my face. At other times, I am very pleasant to deal with.

When I have the money, I spend it on comic books.

For a newsie, I don’t watch a lot of television news.

I think public radio news is superior to television news.

I have very little patience for people who blame the poor for being poor.

If there is a bad of pistachios in the house, I will eat them all.

No matter how nice a police officer seems, they are STILL going to arrest and harass you in some way if you are committing a victimless crime.

I support guns rights. But you will not win any argument with me by citing how evil the NRA is. I am not an NRA member. Their views occasionally mirror my own, but not as often as you think.

I believe one of the most accurate indicators of a person’s value as a human being is how often and well they tip waitresses.

I believe marijuana should be legalized. Also, probably cocaine for much the same reason. But marijuana first.

I do not, myself, smoke pot. And definitely not coke.

I also definitely do not want pot regulated like alcohol is. Alcohol is a corrupt industry designed to put money in the hands of those who make it and those who sell it. I want people to be able to grow in in their gardens and sell it to their friends. It will not help society to turn control of it from illegal gangs to legal gangs.

I am fat. And bald. I know this. When YOU point out that I am fat and bald, you are being rude.

People who contribute to blogs are also wonderful human beings.

I support gay marriage. I will forgive anyone who didn’t ten years ago. But today, if you don’t, you are a bigot.

I will never, ever run for public office. I have no patience for assholes.

If you are drunk, do not try to interact with me. I can tell.

I do not want the poor to rise up and start hanging the 1 percent from lampposts. I believe that this is inevitable if things to not change.



Penny Severns lived a life of secrecy in pre-gay-marriage Illinois

THIS is a good story by fellow Daily Eastern News alum Dave McKinney. I met Penny Severns while working in Jacksonville. Later, I was disgusted by her removal from the ticket. I had no idea at the time that she was gay of course, not that it would have mattered to me. And of course the treatment her spouse was shown by Severns family is just typical.

I’ll be at Starbucks

I’ll be holding court at Starbucks at Camustown from noon to 4 p.m. today, Sunday, August 30.

Meth is a helluva drug …

From a location in Florida, via Raw Story:

On Sunday, a carrier with the United States Postal Service approached the house in which Matthew Tyler McDaniel, Damian Joseph Hines, and Madison Star Douglas were residing. She told police that the trio was yelling for help from the second story, and banging on the windows and walls.

They told her that they had been held hostage for several hours, and that one of them had been shot, another stabbed. The postal employee called 911, and police and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene.

When police arrived, the trio told them that the intruders holding them hostage were holed up in the building’s ground floor, where they had retreated after one of three residents ripped a toilet from the wall and threw it out the window at their captors.

After assessing the situation, authorities determined that ground floor was unoccupied — and that McDaniel, Hines, and Douglas had hallucinated the home invasion and had injured themselves while fending off intruders who didn’t exist.

On second thought, this may have more to do with Florida than meth.

Warning! The Illinois River is filled with dangerous POISON! And the city won’t pay one dime to fix it

Press release:

Rainfall in the City of Peoria has caused a sewer overflow into the Illinois River recently from one or more of the locations shown on the map located here.

When this warning is posted, please avoid full-body contact with the Illinois River in the area downstream from Detweiller Marina, as shown on the map.  You may get sick if you swallow water while swimming, Jet Skiing, or water skiing in these areas after a sewer overflow.

The City of Peoria is developing a long-term plan to reduce sewage overflows to the river during wet weather, as required under the Clean Water Act.

The city of Peoria is under orders to post this ever time it rains because the city’s antiquated drainage system can’t filter out the poisons, and no one wants to pay to fix it. The city likes to pretend the message doesn’t mean what it says because they’d rather spend millions and millions buying ball parks, recreation centers, museums, strip malls, etc.

Journalists are always right … ‘cept when there’s a citizen journalist to fact check their ass


Except, of course, when there’s a citizen journalist with a blog and a bad attitude to fact their ass … snicker.

Pastor shoots at fleeing copper crooks, and gets charged with assault

Fromm NOLA:

NOPD Interim Superintendent Michael Harrison said Littleton told investigators that he confronted two men stealing copper tubing from air conditioners on his property next to his church and ordered them, at gunpoint, to stop. They were fleeing in a pickup truck when Littleton opened fire, the chief said.

Littleton is pastor of the Greater Morning Star Baptist Church of Algiers, and worked as an NOPD officer from 1974-83.

The arrest came nearly 24 hours after the shooting. Littleton was on the scene of the shooting for at least two hours, talking with investigators, and eventually left, uncuffed, in an unmarked police car after police retrieved a gun from his white Lincoln Navigator.

Here’s the thing. If he had managed to catch these punks inside his church, the good pastor could have shot all of them multiple times and everything would have been good. But because they were outside fleeing in a truck, that gave this ass wipe of a state’s attorney dto do what he really wanted to do. Charge the crime victim with a crime.