Meth is a helluva drug …

From a location in Florida, via Raw Story:

On Sunday, a carrier with the United States Postal Service approached the house in which Matthew Tyler McDaniel, Damian Joseph Hines, and Madison Star Douglas were residing. She told police that the trio was yelling for help from the second story, and banging on the windows and walls.

They told her that they had been held hostage for several hours, and that one of them had been shot, another stabbed. The postal employee called 911, and police and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene.

When police arrived, the trio told them that the intruders holding them hostage were holed up in the building’s ground floor, where they had retreated after one of three residents ripped a toilet from the wall and threw it out the window at their captors.

After assessing the situation, authorities determined that ground floor was unoccupied — and that McDaniel, Hines, and Douglas had hallucinated the home invasion and had injured themselves while fending off intruders who didn’t exist.

On second thought, this may have more to do with Florida than meth.

Warning! The Illinois River is filled with dangerous POISON! And the city won’t pay one dime to fix it

Press release:

Rainfall in the City of Peoria has caused a sewer overflow into the Illinois River recently from one or more of the locations shown on the map located here.

When this warning is posted, please avoid full-body contact with the Illinois River in the area downstream from Detweiller Marina, as shown on the map.  You may get sick if you swallow water while swimming, Jet Skiing, or water skiing in these areas after a sewer overflow.

The City of Peoria is developing a long-term plan to reduce sewage overflows to the river during wet weather, as required under the Clean Water Act.

The city of Peoria is under orders to post this ever time it rains because the city’s antiquated drainage system can’t filter out the poisons, and no one wants to pay to fix it. The city likes to pretend the message doesn’t mean what it says because they’d rather spend millions and millions buying ball parks, recreation centers, museums, strip malls, etc.

Journalists are always right … ‘cept when there’s a citizen journalist to fact check their ass


Except, of course, when there’s a citizen journalist with a blog and a bad attitude to fact their ass … snicker.

Pastor shoots at fleeing copper crooks, and gets charged with assault

Fromm NOLA:

NOPD Interim Superintendent Michael Harrison said Littleton told investigators that he confronted two men stealing copper tubing from air conditioners on his property next to his church and ordered them, at gunpoint, to stop. They were fleeing in a pickup truck when Littleton opened fire, the chief said.

Littleton is pastor of the Greater Morning Star Baptist Church of Algiers, and worked as an NOPD officer from 1974-83.

The arrest came nearly 24 hours after the shooting. Littleton was on the scene of the shooting for at least two hours, talking with investigators, and eventually left, uncuffed, in an unmarked police car after police retrieved a gun from his white Lincoln Navigator.

Here’s the thing. If he had managed to catch these punks inside his church, the good pastor could have shot all of them multiple times and everything would have been good. But because they were outside fleeing in a truck, that gave this ass wipe of a state’s attorney dto do what he really wanted to do. Charge the crime victim with a crime.

Rat-hole white-elephant money-pit Peoria Civic Center is still losing money

» Peoria Civic Center shortfall grows

The Peoria Civic Center reported a loss of $875,000 for the fiscal year that concludes this month. That’s well over the center’s own projections of an annual loss of $96,000, said general manager Jim Wetherington.

Against that backdrop, members of the board governing the taxpayer-supported Peoria Civic Center Authority voted Thursday to approve a new three-year contract with longtime management firm SMG while ending a long-standing relationship with the CenterPlate food and beverage service to save the convention center cash.

Here’s the thing: Their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. They built a facility that in many ways was too big for the acts and conventions that could be drawn into Peoria. It’s lost money continuously since it opened.

Here’s what should happen:

  • Fire everyone currently working with or associated with it. This facility can never make money, perhaps. But it is certain that the people in charge do not have any idea how to do so.
  • Sell it. Sell the damn thing to anyone, hopefully to someone who can take the debt off the books. If all the city can manage to do get future debt off the books, we’re better off.
  • If we can;t get rid of it through a sale, demolish it or at least most of it. Build multiple story apartment buildings on the site, with a strip mall with a grocery store.

Of course, none of these things will happen. Because no one on the city council really gives a rat’s ass. Taxpayer money is free money to them.

That’s why poor moms who couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to see the Harlem Globetrotters if she earned twice her salary will still pay good money to support the venue whenever she orders off the dollar menu at McDonalds.

Lying, punk-ass Bradley bitch makes up story about being robbed at knifepoint

» Bradley student admits she was not attacked

The Bradley Police Department was investigating an incident in which a female student, who was not identified, described being confronted by a man with a knife about 4 a.m. Monday. She told police she was walking through a parking lot at the northeast corner of Bradley Avenue and Duryea Place when the man approached her, produced a knife and told her to give him her property.

According to the initial Bradley media release, she ran away and was unharmed. According to a release Thursday night from Bradley police, there was no crime committed and the victim fabricated the incident.

There is no doubt in my mind that B.U. students are sometimes pestered by Peoria’s criminal element. But thanks to this stupid trollop, there will always be a doubt in my mind.

The story doesn’t give a reason. I’m assuming it was some suburban Chicago broad who missed being the center of attention.

So … expulsion?

Let’s face it: These asswipes LOOK like the sort of punks who would stage a home invasion


If you were going through amug book trying to pick out the three ass wipes you broke into your home with guns, you would pick these three losers.

In fact, the middle dude looks like he’s just figured out he’s going to spend the next ten years or so being passed around from inmate to inmate for cigarettes.

Heartless clerk shoots man who was merely trying to redistribute some income

From Guns Save Lives:

A concealed carry convenience store clerk used his firearm in self defense earlier this week when a would be armed robber entered his store, shoved a gun in his face and demanded money.

Kiran Giri, who got his carry permit about a year and a half ago, quickly drew his own gun and fired one shot, striking the suspect in the neck.

Unfortunately, the perp lived.

Guess who had some nice things to say about Aaron Schock

rp_aaron_schock_head-150x1501.jpgIt was Rich Miller at Capitol Fax:

I spoke to a group of contractors last week in Peoria. [Aaron] Schock spoke after me, so I stuck around. He gave some incredibly thoughtful answers to some difficult questions that went beyond the usual Beltway Speak crud.

Anyway, Schock is in a tour of India, as the Journal Star reports:

“Because generation after generation has relieved themselves publicly, their social norm is that they believe that’s cleaner, that that’s in harmony with nature, part of being a human being,” [Schock] said. “Challenging that is somewhat difficult … it’s about generational change.”

It’s a sensitive topic, the third-term lawmaker said — people in the civilized world don’t always like to talk about “pooping in a field” — but in terms of the cost to the economy from illness, missed work or an inability to be hired for work it is staggering and needs to be addressed.

Schock cited figures from international agencies that the loss of economic growth to India because of unsanitary practices is $54 billion annually, lost expansion in the country that can be fixed in simple ways.

Former 18th District Rep. Ray LaHood went on a lot of trips, but i don’t recall him ever speaking about pooping.

Postal worker involved in righteous shooting case

Via Guns Save Lives:

A US postal worker who is on medical leave was forced to use a firearm to defend himself and his home from a daytime home invader in Houston, TX.

The homeowner grabbed his gun when he heard someone both ring his doorbell and knock strongly on his door around 10am. The suspect entered the home (it’s unclear if he forced his way through a locked door, or if the front door was unlocked). That’s when the homeowner fired one shot and struck the suspect once in the chest.

usually when you hear of a postal worker firing off some rounds, it’s not good news.